The Biggest Little Farm


Sunday 4th August

2.00 pm

Cooped up in their tiny apartment, Molly and John’s rescue dog, Todd, won’t stop barking. It’s time for a change, so the trio trade city life for 200 acres of barren farmland and an idealistic dream. It’s much harder — and more worthwhile — than they ever imagined.

Over eight years, Molly and John battle pests, predators, wildfires and rainstorms, attempting to restore balance between mankind and nature. Full of breathtaking nature close-ups and a host of lovable animal characters,  The Biggest Little Farm is a heartfelt, inspiring film which shows that a shift in consciousness can change the world — or at least one small patch of it.

This movie may revive your wonder at the weird but ultimately awe-inspiring ways in which humans can help nature do its work.

- New York Times

DIRECTOR: John Chester COUNTRY: USA LANGUAGE: English YEAR: 2018 RUN TIME: 91 min AUDIENCE: Parental Guidance