Hobbyhorse Revolution

hobbyhorse revolution.jpg

Saturday 4th August

1.45 pm

A feel-good look at the obsessions and delights of Finnish teenage girls immersed in the competitive world of the hobbyhorse


Oscar-nominated director Selma Vilhunen’s film explores the curious sub-culture of quasi-equestrian dressage with warmth and humour. Struggling at home and at school, the three teenage protagonists turn, embrace the hobbyhorse world to find  joy and self-expression. We are drawn into this culture where, free of judgement, young girls have created an imaginative and surprisingly athletic sport that is utterly their own.


"You'll stand, you'll cheer, you'll wonder what to name your horse"



DIRECTOR:  Selma Vilhunen COUNTRY: Finland, Sweden LANGUAGE:  Finnish with English subtitles YEAR: 2017 RUN TIME: 90 mins AUDIENCE: General