In My Blood It Runs


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From the director of Gayby Baby

Australian filmmaker Maya Newell worked with Arrernte and Garrwa families to capture a sense of Aboriginal life in Alice Springs, as seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Dujuan – a rambunctious, camera-ready kid who’s having trouble fitting into the white school system and acting out in ways that threaten to derail his future

Dujuan is a child-healer, a hunter and speaks three languages. He knows his history and as he tells it, we see the spark of intelligence in his eyes. But he is failing at school and facing increasing scrutiny from Welfare and the police. As he travels perilously close to incarceration, his family fight to give him a strong Arrente education alongside his Western education lest he become another statistic.

DIRECTOR: Maya Newell COUNTRY: Australia LANGUAGE: English YEAR: 2019 RUN TIME: 90 min AUDIENCE: General