Island Of The Hungry Ghosts

hungry ghosts img1.jpg

Sunday 5th August

3.00 pm

 This compelling genre-defying exploration of attitudes to migrants across time and culture is at once beautiful, coherent and powerful.

Gabrielle Brady’s debut feature is amongst a strong lineage of films about asylum seekers, but it is wholly unlike any of them. Hypnotic and at times surreal, the film focuses on Poh Lin – a trauma therapist working at the Christmas Island Detention Centre. Brady interweaves Lin’s story with the island’s violent past and the annual migration of the island’s famous red crabs

Gabrielle Brady is an Australian filmmaker who studied film at the International School of Film and Television in Cuba. 

Best Documentary Tribeca Film Festival 2018

"A film that made us feel we were witnessing nothing less than the emergence, fully formed of a major new cinematic talent’"



Join us after the screening for a Q&A with director Gabrielle Brady and the film’s main character, Poh Lin 


DIRECTOR:  Gabrielle Brady COUNTRY: Australia, Denmark UK LANGUAGE: English YEAR: 2018 RUN TIME: 93 mins AUDIENCE: MA 15+