Matangi / Maya / MIA

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Friday 3rd August

8.45 pm


        The inspiring story of Maya, daughter of a Tamil revolutionary, who’s become a pop phenomenon with her special brand of political rap


Maya to her friends and M.I.A. to the world, she’s a self-proclaimed “problematic pop star” — innovative and provocative. Loveridge blends pre- and post-fame footage into a high-energy documentary portrait that channels its subject’s eclectic style. The result is a smart, lively investigation of M.I.A.’s own concerns: the lives of immigrants worldwide, the plight of Tamil people, and the question of whether pop stars can make effective activists.



"A treasure trove of intimate insights"



DIRECTOR:  Steve Loveridge COUNTRY: UK,USA, Sri Lanka LANGUAGE: English and Tamil with English subtitles YEAR: 2018 RUN TIME 90 mins AUDIENCE: MA 15+