Midnight Family


Saturday 3rd August

4.00 pm

Join us after the screening for a Q&A with director Luke Lorentzen

Smooth talking 17-year-old Juan is the fastest ambulance driver in Mexico City. His family, the Ochoas, operate a private ambulance service, a necessity in a city where the government provides only 45 ambulances for a population of 9 million.

While striving to provide the best service they can in a highly competitive climate, the Ochoas’ altruism is stretched to breaking point by corrupt officials and customers who can’t or won’t pay. Award-winning cinematography puts us in the thick of the action, racing neck-and-neck with other vans through the sprawling city, with Juan and his family as the warm heart at the centre of this thrilling doco.

Profound and thrilling cinema verité filmmaking.

- Sundance Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Luke Lorentzen COUNTRY: USA, Mexico LANGUAGE: Spanish with English subtitles YEAR: 2019 RUN TIME: 81 min AUDIENCE: Unclassified 15+