Of Fathers And Sons


Sunday 5th August

4.00 pm

An intimate and at times provocative study of the family life of a Syrian Jihadist soldier and his sons

Derki risked much to give us this extremely rare insight into growing up in a radical Islamist family in northern Syria. While the camera occasionally accompanies the father, Abu Osama as he disarms bombs or snipes at distant enemies, the film’s chief focus is his sons, particularly 10-year-old Osama, who can’t wait to start military training, and his sensitive younger brother Ayman, who wants to stay at school.


Grand Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival 2018


"What makes the film all the more poignant is the fact that the children are, of course, despite all this, kids like anywhere else.’"




DIRECTOR:  Talal Derki COUNTRY: Germany, Syria, Lebanon LANGUAGE: Arabic with English sub-titles YEAR: 2017 RUN TIME: 98 mins AUDIENCE: MA 15+