Pick Of The Litter


Sunday 5th August

2.00 pm

The delightful journey following Labrador puppies as they face the challenges of training to become a guide dog for the blind


Soon after birth, the pups are distributed to ‘Puppy Raisers’ who fall in love with their adorable charges. But wanting their puppy to succeed comes with a looming sense of loss, particularly for a war veteran with PTSD. 

As the puppies grow, they learn how to make difficult calls in complex situations. We cheer them on as they approach their final test, but only the pick of the litter will make it.


"Earnest and heart-warming, filled with… tight close-ups of beseeching doggy eyes”



DIRECTOR:  Don Hardy, Dana Nachman COUNTRY: USA LANGUAGE: English YEAR: 2018 RUN TIME: 81 mins AUDIENCE: General