Shooting the Mafia


Saturday 3rd August

6.15 pm

Director Kim Longinotto captures the life and work of gutsy photojournalist Letizia Battaglia, who fearlessly chronicled the Sicilian Mafia in her hometown, Palermo.

At 83 years old, with vibrant pink hair, charismatic Battaglia is an unconventional interviewee. Her striking photographs tell the tense story of the Mafia’s violent reign - essential viewing for fans of The Godfather. Battaglia also tells how she discovered her love for photography after a teenage marriage ended in divorce. Her many love affairs are interwoven with clips from classic Italian films of the period providing an unexpected foil to the seriousness of her work.

This audacious documentary … dismantles the romantic narrative of the Sicilian Mafia from the perspective of someone who lived inside it.

- Sundance Institute

DIRECTOR: Kim Longinotto COUNTRY: Italy, Ireland, USA LANGUAGE: English and Italian with English subtitles YEAR: 2019 RUN TIME: 94 min AUDIENCE: Unclassified 15+