Gala Closing Night

The Magic Life of V


Sunday 4th August

6.15 pm

Wizards, magic spells, and heroic sword battles are just fantasy for some, but for Veera they’re a meaningful part of conquering her inner trauma. When Veera transforms into her LARP (live-action role-play) persona V, the game’s fantasy battlefields give her a space to combat her psychological turmoil. Tormented by her past, Veera finds in LARP the support and solace she needs to become the hero of her own story.

This gorgeously cinematic film is both a view into a unique subculture, and an affecting account of overcoming trauma. Vera’s confident alter-ego V helps her find the courage to work through her pain, make peace with the past, and find a place for herself and her brother in the world.

When life gets hard, sometimes you gotta LARP. A moving story about having the courage to face your issues head on.

- Moviejawn

DIRECTOR: Tonislav Hristov COUNTRY: Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria LANGUAGE: English and Finnish with English subtitles YEAR: 2019 RUN TIME: 86 min AUDIENCE: Unclassified 15+