Touch Me Not

touch me not img 3.jpg

Saturday 4th August

9.00 pm

This bold look at intimacy and how we perceive beauty blurs the line between fiction and reality


Laura, a middle-aged English woman, struggles with sexual intimacy. In her quest for answers, she hires a handsome gigolo, a Tantric Sex specialist and also turns to Hannah, a transsexual sex worker. At a group therapy session, she meets Christian, a remarkable man whose significant physical limitations are no barrier to a highly sexual life.


Winner, The Golden Bear, Berlin International Film Festival 2018


"An eye-opening look at human sexuality"




DIRECTOR:  Adina Pintile COUNTRY: Romania, Germany,Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France LANGUAGE: English, German with English subtitles YEAR: 2018 RUN TIME: 125 mins AUDIENCE: R 18+