Announcing Stronger Than Fiction News!

We recently announced on Facebook that we're stepping back for a year.

After tripling in size over four successful years, Stronger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival has decided to take a break in 2017 in order to concentrate on developing partnerships to ensure that we can keep knocking your socks off with breathtaking documentaries and events for many more years to come.

Our first step is this - our new blogspace - Stronger Than Fiction News!

For several years we've been sharing news and updates on documentaries we've screened, and other related topics (if you don't already, please follow us here). Now, we've engaged a number of contributors to write for us on our very own site.

You'll meet them all in the coming months, and we'll share them with you both through the newsletter and social media. We'll put any updates on the next festival up here as well. We hope you'll read and follow and participate in the discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you - and we very much look forward to bringing you more jaw-dropping documentaries in 2018!


- The STF Team