Our festival is over for 2018 - thanks to everyone who came and joined us!

This year’s lineup included several major award winners. The controversial winner of the Golden Bear at Berlin, Touch Me Not is a stylish hybrid doc about physical intimacy while Minding the Gap, with twelve awards, focuses on three skateboarding buddies and the gap between fathers and sons in a small Illinois town.

We kicked off with Speak Up, a fast-paced French film about a class of bubbly French university students navigating the cut and thrust of public speaking and we closed with an exhilarating and intimate portrait of Ian McKellen in McKellen: Playing the Part.

Nearly half of this year’s films were directed by women, and we’re thrilled that several of them were our guests at the festival - Gabrielle Brady, director of the powerfully poetic Island of the Hungry Ghosts, Christy Garland with the suspenseful What Walaa Wants, and Catherine Scott screens her deeply moving The BackTrack Boys.

Opening Night Introduction

Featuring Manuel Xyrakis from Ainslie IGA

What Walaa Wants Introduction

Featuring Charles Reeves, Deputy High Commissioner for Canada

What Walaa Wants Director Q & A

Interviewer: Genevieve Jacobs

Panelist: Christy Garland, Director

Genesis 2.0 Expert Q & A

Interviewer: Simon Weaving

Panelist: Vicki Lock, IP Manager for CSIRO

Panelist: Professor Tom Faunce from the ANU School of Law

Island Of The Hungry Ghosts Director Q & A

Interviewer: Genevieve Jacobs

Panelist: Gabrielle Brady, Director

Panelist: Poh Lin Lee, Trauma Therapist and main subject

Panelist: Dr John Minns from the Refugee Action Committee, Canberra

Closing Night Audience Award Announcement

Featuring Genevieve Jacobs

Below, for posterity, is the full slate of films we screened. Click on any to watch the trailer or find out more.


Festival Director: Deborah Kingsland

Festival Producer: Hannah de Feyter

Founder and Co-Curator: Simon Weaving

Project Management: Lavanna Neal, Alice Taylor and Zoe Kooyman

Event Coordinator: Jeremy Jones

Graphic Design: Daniel Hadiwibawa

Website: Joshua Paul

Interns: Alasdair Barnes and Laura Giacomin

Volunteers: Rossen de Ramos, Carolyn Voss, Amanda-Jo Birchall, Tim Daly, Camilla Blunden, Glynis Stokes and many more. You know who you are. Thank you!

Stronger than Fiction Committee: Alice Taylor, John Frohlich, Hannah de Feyter, Zoe Kooyman and Lavanna Neal

Festival Trailer Editor: Frank Oly

Festival Photography: Konrad Lenz

Special Thanks: Diana Streak, Cris Kennedy, Sophia Hamblin-Wang, Agency 9, John Frohlich, Pamela Slocum, Brett Yeats and Tina Van Raay

Ainslie IGA Short Films

This year the team partnered with Ainslie IGA - our major sponsor - to create two short films about the family run business. The two films premiered alongside our feature line up, featuring Manuel Xyrakis & Alex Sloan.

Producer/Director – Deborah Kingsland & Hannah de Feyter

Camera: Christian Doran

Additional Camera: Kim Beamish

Sound: Tim Duck

Editing: Hannah de Feyter

Colourist: Annica Mott

Production: Zoe Kooyman and Carolyn Voss

Photography: Olia Balabina

Audio Engineering: Sam Andrews

Music: Audio Network